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Grasshopper Bundle

Grass Management Bundle

Product Description

The Grass Management Bundle comprises the Plate Meter, Grasshopper Sensor unit, the Grass Map & Measure App.

Warranty is 2 years.


Map My Farm

Product Description

MapMyFarm is an integral part of Grasshopper. It works with Grasshopper to map and add paddocks to your farm file.

Grass App

Product Description

Grass Map & Measure App is the companion application for the Grasshopper grass measurement device. Running on a tablet or smart-phone, the App collects all grass measurements during a paddock survey and will provide a cover on screen at the end of the survey. GrassApp also uploads all data to a remote database automatically – no more keying-in samples. Results are available in the paddock and on-line.

'Moorepark' Research Collar

Product Description

The 'Moorepark' research collar is an radio-networked research platform. The basic unit is equipped with: Battery, Positioning, 2-Way data link, XYZ attitude sensors and 2GB data logging. Options include Bluetooth and BLE, sub-meter positioning, and animal feedback variants. 200 x 100 x 100mm.

Large Animal GPS Tracker

Product Description

The True North GPS Tracker tracks larger animals over an extended period. Position interval recording is variable from minutes to hours and is uploaded via a BLE link at a central recovery point such as a water trough, crush or housing. A low-energy long-range radio link option is available for remote logging.

Animal Attitude Logger

Product Description

The Attitude logger records animal activities among these being – Grazing, Sitting, Walking, Ruminating, Socialising and just Standing around. Data is downloaded from a USB connection at regular intervals fro analysis. A Bluetooth option is available to download activity data at defined locations such as water trough or feed / milking point.

Grasshopper Sensor

Product Description

The Grasshopper sensor unit measures grass volume by paddock. Used in conjunction with a conventional Jenquip plate meter or with the Grasshopper Plate Meter, Grasshopper outputs data in Excel compatible files which are uploaded to the farm computer and/or compatible on-line databases.