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Most of our products may be upgraded or, in the case of research collars, have their functionality re-configured for new research. In all cases product may be returned for a warranty claim if one arises.


We have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Grasshopper, CLICK HERE to find out more.

Using Grasshopper

New features for GrassApp are added every season. Click below to find out how to apply updates.


New features for GrassApp are added every season. Click below to find out how to apply updates.

Privacy Policy

TrueNorth Technologies understands that user privacy is an extremely important factor when purchasing products online .See below for more details.

Warranty Claim

Three-Year warranties apply to Grasshopper. To make a warranty claim, please contact us.

Web Site Privacy Policies

True North Technologies recognizes that respecting user privacy over the Internet is of utmost importance. This privacy statement is designed to provide information about the privacy and data collection practices for the site: The Site is operated by True North Technologies. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact our site coordinator at

Identifying Information: In general, you can visit the Site without telling us who you are or providing any information about yourself. In some areas of the Site, we ask you to provide information that will enable us to process an order, offer services that require registration, assist you with technical support issues or to follow up with you. Generally, True North Technologies requests identifying information when you:

  1. Place an Order
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  3. Participate in a rebate program, contest, or other promotional offer.
  4. Request a SPECIAL SERVICE
  5. Request information or files from technical support or customer service.

In these instances, True North Technologies will ask for your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other appropriate information needed to provide you with these services. In all instances, if you receive a newsletter or other mailing from us, you will always be able to "unsubscribe" to these mailings at any time. What True North Technologies Will Do With Your Information. If you choose to give us personal information for any of the purposes above, this information is retained by True North Technologies and will only be used by True North Technologies to support your customer relationship with us. We will not add you to a mailing list, or newsletter without your registration for this service. We will only contact you if further information is required from you to complete a service.